Depending on the project that you are diving into will determine the best Epoxy Resin type to use.

In general there are 2 key types of epoxy resin that most people use.

Thin Coat (Laminate Epoxy) is used for giving that art piece that beautiful gloss coat. This epoxy is self leveling and will level out to approximately 1/8" per pour. While you can pour into molds deeper than an 1/8", you risk the epoxy overheating and causing a chemical reaction (known as a Kick), which will cause rapid hardening resulting in yellowing, strength fatigue, and other bad results. With this formula, you want to do deeper pours in 1/8" steps waiting approximately 4 hours between pours. If you wait beyond 18hours, you want to light sand the surface with 100-200 grit sandpaper before doing you next pour. Any scratches created by the sanding will disappear when you do your next pour.

Our 4-Star and 5-Star both come in this formulation.

Deep Pour (Casting Epoxy) is used to fill larger molds and for projects that need a pour deeper than 1/8". River tables use this epoxy resin. This epoxy resin tends to take longer to thicken, allowing time for bubbles to release, but dries within 24 hours. It produces a higher strength product and will not be as bendable as thin coat epoxy.

Our 5-Star Epoxy Resin comes in Deep Pour formulation and it allows you to pour up to 2" at a time.